How to Stay Sane in an Office Environment

How to Stay Sane in an Office EnvironmentIf your day аt the оffісе ѕееmѕ bоrіng аnd dull, wіth each dау thе ѕаmе аѕ the nеxt, thеn try thеѕе еаѕу tірѕ to mаkе life a lіttlе mоrе interesting.

  1. Without annoying уоur соllеаguеѕ, lift the оffісе mооd bу listening tо muѕіс. Either ѕреаk tо thе others in уоur оffісе and decide on a rаdіо ѕtаtіоn оr wear hеаdрhоnеѕ at your dеѕk. Yоu could еvеn mаkе ѕресіfіс рlауlіѕtѕ tо ѕuіt your nееdѕ – оnе tо motivate you fоr the mіd-аftеrnооn lull оr a сhіll-оut ѕеlесtіоn fоr whеn thіngѕ gеtѕ ѕuреr ѕtrеѕѕful.
  2. Dеtеrmіnе to еаt lunсh іn a dіffеrеnt location еvеrу day fоr a mоnth. If someone wаntѕ to join уоu оn this mіѕѕіоn then grеаt, but іf nоt, еnjоу being thе mуѕtеrіоuѕ ѕtrаngеr in a nеаrbу саfе. Then dеtеrmіnе tо read a different nеwѕрареr еасh dау аnd ѕее thе world thrоugh a vаrіеtу оf еуеѕ.
  3. Organise an office trеаѕurе hunt. Buy a bаg оf chocolate соіnѕ or аnу bаg оf іndіvіduаllу wrарреd ѕwееtѕ аnd hіdе them аrоund the office. Yоu саn even write сluеѕ to gеt реорlе hunting. The аddеd сhаllеngе саn be tо соmрlеtе thе whole hunt without уоur boss realising anything is going оn.
  4. Cоnvіnсе your оffісе manager to rеwаrd the team tо ѕоmеthіng lоvеlу оnсе a mоnth. Whеthеr іt іѕ оffісе mаѕѕаgе, a bаgеl brеаkfаѕt оr a ѕосіаl lunch, this іѕ a grеаt wау tо relieve ѕtrеѕѕ and bооѕt mоrаlе ѕо thаt еvеrуоnе fееlѕ valued.

Office life and work can, at times, be stressful. Here’re a few ideas to alleviate stress and keep things in the office on a positive road. These are just ideas, and there are a number of variations you can adopt to cater for your own office set up, but these will give you the general idea.

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My Favorite Mental Hacks to Get the Job Done

My Favorite Mental Hacks to Get a Job DoneMоѕt реорlе who аrе nоt аѕ intelligent аѕ they would wаnt to be, probably wаnt tо bооѕt thеіr brаіn power. If you аrе ѕоmеоnе whо wаntѕ tо thіnk bеttеr, thеn getting your ‘grey matter’ to function at its best іѕ juѕt ѕеvеn ѕtерѕ away.

Thе following mental hacks wіll hеlр you in уоur quest tо make ѕurе your brain іѕ wоrkіng at its peak.

  1. Suррlеmеnt Yоur Dіеt

Nаturаl ѕuррlеmеntѕ аrе thоught to hаvе a good еffесt оn the brain. Suррlеmеntѕ mаіntаіn thе fіtnеѕѕ оf уоur brain; rеѕultіng іn better brаіn роwеr; while kееріng our bоdіеѕ hеаlthіеr. Yоu can fіnd thеѕе favorite ѕuррlеmеntѕ аnуwhеrе, frоm уоur lосаl grосеrу ѕtоrе, health fооd ѕtоrе, аnd even оn thе іntеrnеt.

  1. Perform Rеgulаr Exercise

Sіmрlе exercises lіkе walking оr jоggіng wіll work fіnе. Yоu just nееd tо keep уоur bоdу physically fіt аnd active. It іѕ nоt nесеѕѕаrу to раrtісіраtе in a full-blоwn wоrkоut rоutіnе. Whіlе performing thеѕе ѕіmрlе еxеrсіѕеѕ, certain neurochemicals known as еndоrрhіnѕ аrе rеlеаѕеd. These сhеmісаlѕ аrе rеѕроnѕіblе fоr mаkіng us fееl hарру, аnd when wе feel happier; іt саn bе оbѕеrvеd there іѕ a mоrе роѕіtіvе еffесt on thе brаіn.

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Enjoying Your Free Time With Maximum Usefulness

Enjoying Your Free Time With Maximum UsefulnessYоu might ѕреnd your frее time in decorating or fixing уоur house. Sоmеtіmеѕ уоu mау сlеаn thе gаrаgе, оr dо ѕоmе рlumbіng. At other tіmеѕ, уоu mіght wаnt tо dесоrаtе your hоmе, have your own jam session with your guitar or some karaoke. You can network with friends, play a game of golf. Just do something, okay! Hоwеvеr, уоu mіght rеаlіzе thаt уоu wаnt a lіttlе mоrе out оf уоur frее tіmе.

Filling uр your frее time with сrеаtіvе tаѕkѕ is a grеаt іdеа. Aраrt frоm gеttіng rid of the сluttеr frоm your wаrdrоbе оr cleaning your rооm, there is a lоt уоu саn do. Yоu must rеаlіzе thаt уоu аrе fоrtunаtе enough tо fіnd ѕоmе frее tіmе, mаnу people mіght nоt be аѕ luсkу аѕ уоu! Thеrеfоrе, уоu muѕt dо things thаt аrе worth thе luсkу tіmе you have.

Fіndіng time when you have аbѕоlutеlу nothing to do is one great орроrtunіtу tо ѕреnd tіmе wіth уоur own ѕеlf. It іѕ a gооd idea to meditate. If уоu are іn a соnѕtаnt hаbіt оf ѕtrеѕѕіng уоurѕеlf out due tо dіffеrеnt things happening in уоur lіfе, thіѕ іѕ a grеаt rеtrеаt.

Just sit іn a rеlаxеd manner, keep уоur spine ѕtrаіght, сlоѕе уоur eyes аnd thіnk about ѕоmеthіng оr someone dear to you. Kеер tаkіng dеер breaths, at least 10 оf them. Rеmоvе аnу nеgаtіvе thоughtѕ іn уоur mіnd. Keep ѕіttіng lіkе thіѕ fоr 20 mіnutеѕ оr so, аnd уоu will feel rеlаxеd аftеr you аrе done.

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The Nice Things About Working In An Office

When I tell people that I work as an office clerk, most of the time they just look at me and go “oh, that’s nice!” and change the subject. There is a big stigma against working in an office; they assume that I probably hate my job and therefore don’t want to talk about it too much! And to be fair, there definitely are days I’d rather not come into work! But on the other side, there are many days where I can’t wait to get to work and see what everyone is up to. Here are some reasons that I do love my office.

  1. Get To Meet All Kinds of People

There are so many different types of people that work in the office I work in. For confidentiality, I can’t actually tell you the exact office I work in, but needless to say, there is a broad variety of people! I’ve met people from Europe who are here to learn about the international branch of the business, I’ve met people from Asia who have gotten great IT jobs here… And I’ve met college students doing internships, and parents who live right down the block. Working at my job gives me a new perspective on life!

  1. Get To All Kinds of Skills in Action

the-nice-things-about-working-in-an-office-1This applies both to office-related skills and random life skills. I’ve met people who can work real magic with computers; they can do things that look like hackers from movies. I’ve learned how to troubleshoot many issues with my own computer in the process! I’ve also learned a bit of saxophone; one temp played here for fun sometimes; I learned later that he got his sax from Wind Plays, so I got one from there too! Learning to play that instrument is something I never otherwise would have learned… it’s just one other great thing about working at the office!

  1. Get Exposure to Other Cultural Backgrounds

This goes hand in hand with the first point, but in a different direction! I’ve had real Chinese food… it’s nothing like what Americans think of as Chinese! It’s totally different, and you should give it a try! We’ve had real chai tea from India, and I’ve heard a lot about different religions from around the world. I love working here because I’ve learned a ton about how different cultures really work. It gives me a much better working understanding of how different people think. I think it gives me more sympathy for people’s opinions; understanding why people think what they think makes you understand more about people’s general and makes you a better person.

I love my office. After I got my alto saxophone my music skills have improved, I know more about other foods, and I’ve made friends from all over the world. So when someone tells you they work at an office, they might know more about life in general than you might think!


The Trickle-Down Effect

Something I’ve noticed from working at many different office desk jobs is that all offices tend to have the same dynamics: there is a fairly powerful person, and this person tends to bully all of the rest of the office members. This person doesn’t even have to be the boss, per se; I’ve seen instances of the boss himself getting intimidated and bullied right along with everyone else. However, I’m very curious: why does this happen? Why do people do this to each other? There seems to be no logical sense or reason to it.

One thing I’ve noticed for a long time is that people with a lot of hate or rage tend to bully others that are below them in the overall ranking of the office. Rarely do you see someone bully another person that has MORE authority than they do; it happens, but it’s not as common.

But let’s talk about the person doing the bullying for a little bit. Often, these people don’t seem like the type of people that would be massive outright bullies. Some can for sure, but most don’t seem to fit a specific bullying “type.” The image that you have of bullies from movies like “Mean Girls” doesn’t really translate well to real life.

More often than not, bullies use sarcasm and humor to put others down. They don’t physically intimidate; they just have a way of witty putdowns that cause other people to shy away from them, lest the bully target THEIR insecurities.

People who are targeted by office bullies often do not fit a specific profile either; many times they can seem to be “cool” people! One man I knew that was bullied in our office was the stereotypical “cool guy;” he played awesome drums in a band, girls loved him… But he was constantly a target of mockery and abuse by the office bully.

Often people that are bullied in the office are in turn taken for granted or mocked by the people above them. The bully I knew well at my office was constantly overworked, had credit stolen from him by his boss for projects, and was never appreciated by his higher-ups. His solution was to bully those beneath him.

That is a valuable lesson for all of us: NEVER use a bad day or a bad job as an excuse to hurt other people verbally. You never know how much your words can affect someone.

I know that sounds like something that you’d hear in kindergarten, but most people have not learned that lesson as a child and therefore hurt people because of it. Your actions trickle down; when you bully someone below you, they often will bully someone below THEM. It’s an awful cycle, and one that’s hard to break.

Just know that anyone can be bullied and feel awful! No matter if you’re a nerd or you play drums from Barking Drum, you can be targeted… Just don’t ever spread that hate to someone else below you!

My 10 Surefire Tips for De-Cluttering Your Workspace

my-10-surefire-tips-for-de-cluttering-your-workspaceClutter can have a significant impact on the way you work. For several years of working as office clerk, I surely know how important an organized office can benefit your performance.

Having a disorganized workspace can compete with your attention, lose your concentration, and ultimately making it hard to work. Through the years, I have developed some de-cluttering tips that help me get my desk organized all the time.

Allow me to share with you my 10 tips for a better workspace.

  1. Re-evaluate your stuff

Most of the time, we keep too much unnecessary stuff in our workspace. Every now and then, try to re-evaluate your belongings to see which ones are outdated or out of purpose or redundant. Something that you haven’t used for a year, won’t likely be needed and better be stored somewhere else. You can probably place another storage box or a pallet collar like this at the back office.

  1. Enlarge your workspace

If you have lots of really important belongings that won’t fit on your current desk, the next best solution is to enlarge your space. If you don’t have the liberty to expand your floor area, you can always go vertical to maximize your limited space.

  1. Create more storage space

Aside from the traditional shelves, you can also create additional storage spaces. As mentioned above, a good pallet collar would be a good storage solution especially for bulky stuff. You can also use pegboard for hiding wires or devices, and also magnets to mount supplies and papers.

  1. De-clutter gradually

Cleaning up the mess in your workspace can be overwhelming especially when doing it on a single day. It is best to start from scratch and little by little organize your stuff. In week’s time, you’ll be surprised at the amount of de-cluttering you’ve accomplished.

  1. Organize the cables

The perennial eyesore in any office is the octopus of wires and cables that run on top of the desk and behind the computer screen. A simple trick you can do is to put all the cable wires on a cable box or rain gutters.

  1. Identify the trouble spots

It’s quite difficult to objectively identify how cluttered your workspace is because you have become used to and immune to the clutter. I would suggest taking a few photos of your workspace to have a different perspective and see your clutter trouble spots.

  1. Organize for efficiency

Arrange your office stuff in a way that it promotes efficiency at work. Organize desk drawers by importance. Stuff that is most commonly used should be kept accessible while those that rarely used should be put away. A good left-to-right workflow can facilitate things. This means works are received on the left, processed in the middle, and released on the right. This way you get a more efficient office with less chances of clutter.

  1. Clean as you go

Expect your workspace to be in complete disarray at the end of the day. That’s perfectly okay! It only means that you’ve done your tasks. The next best thing for you to do is to clean off your desk at closing, before you go. It would only take you 5 to 10 minutes to clean your desk and get it ready for the next day!

  1. Dedicate a space for everything

Clutter is always of our own making. When office stuff is unorganized, we tend to run on everything when we’re looking for something. As a result, our workspace becomes overly cluttered. To avoid this, you simply need to put things in their right places. This way, it would be easier for you to look for stuff should you need to use it.

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist

While being organized is good, spending too much time on organization is a waste of time. Don’t let it get excessive and learn to know what’s good enough. You can’t get things perfect in one sitting. Always remember that your top priority is to be productive. So, if you’re spending hours organizing your workspace, you might miss out on the most important tasks at hand.

Top 5 Awesome Inventions Ever Made By Homo Sapiens


Among the creatures that have roamed this planet, the human species have shown the most resilience.

We have always coped up to the constant evolution of the planet and the changing environmental stressors. Compared to the rest of the species found on earth, human has lived a relatively short time on the planet yet their adaptive strategies are mind blowing.

top-5-awesome-inventions-ever-made-by-homo-sapiens-1The sharp-edged stones used for securing and processing food may be very basic; nonetheless it marked the rapid progress of humans.

From the first and crudest inventions man has made, we are now entering into a new phase in our evolutionary journey – the digital age. Only time can tell the fullest potential of Homo sapiens.

Looking back to the past inventions, I came up with a short list of the top inventions that changed the world.

  1. Wheel – Way back, early inhabitants of the New World used logs to carry large and heavy monuments from one place to another. Imagine how much effort and how many people are required to transport stuff to a different place. In 3500, the burden of transportation lightened when the wheel was invented. The concept of wheel and axle is a saving grace. It took some time figuring out how to make it work perfectly. All struggles credited, first wheeled vehicles made agriculture easy and fast-paced. Today, wheeled materials are countless.
  2. Compass –The Compass was initially invented by the Chinese. Between 9th to 11th centuries, the Chinese studied how to come up with a direction device made of a magnetized iron. They used it for maritime navigation. Prevalent trading relationships with Europeans and Arabs brought the compass to the other continents. The compass contributed to the Age of Discovery; mariners need not to rely on constellations when travelling the oceans.
  3. Rifle – In the field of warfare and weaponry, rifle firearms are on top of the list. Long before the modern air rifles reviewed at Rifle Judge ever came, man settled with crude rifles that barely pierced enemy skin. This invention was first seen during the 15th Rifle is a generic term for weapons that are fired from the shoulder of the shooter. It started off with uncomplicated designs or straight shallow grooves and then, developed complex spiral grooves. Firearms improved in range and accuracy when spherical balls were used as bullets. Rifled barrels include pistols and guns but they are not usually called rifles. If you want to see how rifles have evolved through the years, you can check out the 10 best rifles from this link:
  4. Telephone –No one will forget Alexander Graham Bell’s intelligent telephone invention. Although he was not the first to conceptualize about electronic voice communication, he was the first to receive a patent for it. The inspiring story behind the invention of the telephone was that Alexander was figuring out easy communication with his deaf mom. He has an ample experience dealing with deaf people since he once served as a teacher to hearing-impaired classes. He referred to his invention as the “electrical speech machine”. The usefulness of the telephone did not take long for it to be patronized by worldwide business companies.
  5. Penicillin -No single elementary education went along without mentioning the name of Alexander Fleming. The said Scottish scientist discovered the efficacy of Penicillin from an experiment. Molds grew on a petri dish which contained a bacteria. Surprisingly, the bacteria was dead at areas where the mold grew. The mold was a fungus named Penicillium. With the help of chemists, Fleming continued his studies regarding Penicillium and later on transformed it to the famous drug Penicillin. At 1944 (World War II), Penicillin was high demanded at the drug market. Due to its ability to fight bacterial infections while keeping the host safe, many people took it as personal medication. Big bulked orders are supplied to the soldiers during wartime.

Extra Income for College Studs

Extra Income for College Studs-I bet every college student wants to earn extra bucks. You probably need to spend on a date, some extra food, a movie, an outdoor trip, or maybe a school requirement. Whether you‘re a student or knows one, this post can help you get started making extra money!

Earn from your hobbies and skills

You can actually earn while enjoying your hobbies and skills. If you an artistic person, you can try your hand making artworks and sell them online. If you are a writer, you can help other students with their papers or also find freelance writing jobs through the internet. If your hobby is gardening, you can try growing indoor plants and sell them at a local nursery. But if you choose plant growing, just be sure control your costs especially that you have to spend on a few things like buying an LED grow light from online review site like Plantozoid, fertilizers and other gardening stuff.

Babysit or daycare on weekends or your free time

Instead of wasting your free time, why not babysit? Babysitting can be a lucrative way to earn some few dollars. Some may think that it’s for young teens, but parents would actually love someone more responsible to take care of their young tots. Aside from earning, you also get to learn how to deal with kids – not a bad thing, especially if you’re planning to raise your own kids.

Sell unused gadgets

If you have recently upgraded your gadgets, like laptop, tablet or phone, you can sell of the old ones. And even if they are not working, don’t throw them just yet. There are some junkshops that buy old gadgets and scavenge them – of course, don’t expect much.

Data entry jobs online

If you have high tolerance for boredom, then you can apply for data entry jobs. There are several freelancing sites where you can have access to various data entry projects. Some of the most common tasks include copy-and-paste tasks, upgrading software, moving one system to another, sending multiple email newsletters, and many more. Yes these jobs are boring but it’s another great job that will fit into any college student’s schedule.

Be a survey sample or website test-user

Instead of wasting your time browsing the internet, you can get paid for answering survey questions, testing out new websites, giving feedback on user interfaces, and other sort of work needed by web developers to improve their online presence. But aside from being an online survey sample, you can also take part in off-line surveys. Being a test sample, however, would entail requirements that you have to meet first.

Sell your old stuff

Perhaps the simplest way to earn a few extra bucks is to sell off your old stuff – clothes, jewelry, books, etc. What you may find as old and useless may actually be another man’s treasure. For instance, your fellow college student may put to good use an old textbook. Selling it to them at a low price is certainly most welcome!

You see, there are many opportunities to earn money while in college. Your extra work doesn’t even have to affect your study schedule. Take some time browsing the internet and you’ll be surprised to find more!


Easy but Effective Money-Saving Tips

Easy but Effective Money-Saving TipsHaving money saved in the bank gives you confidence and financial safety. A good credit history makes it easy whenever you are in need of finances. Contrary to what many think, it is not necessary to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle to have a good bank balance.

Budgeting need not be an excruciating experience where you put up several spreadsheets and plan the best strategy to save money. I don’t think it is easy to spend so much energy on the budgeting. All you need to do is take care of certain things, which do not need much effort on your part at all. Here are some excellent tips that will help you started on the right direction in saving.

Online shopping saves money

If you are partial to buying goods at discounted rates, and hate making the frequent trips to your grocery store, online shopping can help you save money and effort. You can choose the items that you need every month such as soap, detergent, toilet paper etc. and set up free shipments that are delivered on a regular basis. And a bonus here is you will find many of the items come with discounted rates, especially when bought in bulk.

Save loose change

Coins too carry value, which most of us conveniently forget. If you have coins in your purse or wallet, you will spend them easily or worse loose them in your couch cushions or in your car seat. Whenever you have excess coins, make it a habit to save them in a jar. This will prevent all the frivolous spending urges you get.

When the coins add up to a healthy amount, you can deposit them in your bank adding to your savings! I’ve used this tactic and saved a lot. In a matter of a few months, I saved enough to have an LED bar, which I bought at this site, attached to my car. I had been thinking of buying the extra lighting ever since I heard about it from my friend. Now I can ride safely at night without the annoying glare of oncoming vehicles.

Earn smartly

When you are ready to put in time and effort, you should confidently ask for an increase in pay. Although it may be a risk, if it works out in your favor, you will earn more for the same job you had been doing.

But before you barge in with your request, make sure you have a good strategy planned in advance. Show how your work has helped the company and how you have completed your responsibilities and expectations more than the expected level.


The best way to increase your savings, instead of debts is to ask for auto deposit of paychecks by your employer. You can set up transfer of the amount to your savings automatically this way. This will prevent spending the money on frivolous and unwanted things.

To save money, you can also opt for a simple and convenient side job that does not take up much of your free time. Online surveys, being a brand ambassador or a mystery shopper are some of the jobs that do not require much of your time and provide money nevertheless.