Top 5 Awesome Inventions Ever Made By Homo Sapiens


Among the creatures that have roamed this planet, the human species have shown the most resilience.

We have always coped up to the constant evolution of the planet and the changing environmental stressors. Compared to the rest of the species found on earth, human has lived a relatively short time on the planet yet their adaptive strategies are mind blowing.

top-5-awesome-inventions-ever-made-by-homo-sapiens-1The sharp-edged stones used for securing and processing food may be very basic; nonetheless it marked the rapid progress of humans.

From the first and crudest inventions man has made, we are now entering into a new phase in our evolutionary journey – the digital age. Only time can tell the fullest potential of Homo sapiens.

Looking back to the past inventions, I came up with a short list of the top inventions that changed the world.

  1. Wheel – Way back, early inhabitants of the New World used logs to carry large and heavy monuments from one place to another. Imagine how much effort and how many people are required to transport stuff to a different place. In 3500, the burden of transportation lightened when the wheel was invented. The concept of wheel and axle is a saving grace. It took some time figuring out how to make it work perfectly. All struggles credited, first wheeled vehicles made agriculture easy and fast-paced. Today, wheeled materials are countless.
  2. Compass –The Compass was initially invented by the Chinese. Between 9th to 11th centuries, the Chinese studied how to come up with a direction device made of a magnetized iron. They used it for maritime navigation. Prevalent trading relationships with Europeans and Arabs brought the compass to the other continents. The compass contributed to the Age of Discovery; mariners need not to rely on constellations when travelling the oceans.
  3. Rifle – In the field of warfare and weaponry, rifle firearms are on top of the list. Long before the modern air rifles reviewed at Rifle Judge ever came, man settled with crude rifles that barely pierced enemy skin. This invention was first seen during the 15th Rifle is a generic term for weapons that are fired from the shoulder of the shooter. It started off with uncomplicated designs or straight shallow grooves and then, developed complex spiral grooves. Firearms improved in range and accuracy when spherical balls were used as bullets. Rifled barrels include pistols and guns but they are not usually called rifles. If you want to see how rifles have evolved through the years, you can check out the 10 best rifles from this link:
  4. Telephone –No one will forget Alexander Graham Bell’s intelligent telephone invention. Although he was not the first to conceptualize about electronic voice communication, he was the first to receive a patent for it. The inspiring story behind the invention of the telephone was that Alexander was figuring out easy communication with his deaf mom. He has an ample experience dealing with deaf people since he once served as a teacher to hearing-impaired classes. He referred to his invention as the “electrical speech machine”. The usefulness of the telephone did not take long for it to be patronized by worldwide business companies.
  5. Penicillin -No single elementary education went along without mentioning the name of Alexander Fleming. The said Scottish scientist discovered the efficacy of Penicillin from an experiment. Molds grew on a petri dish which contained a bacteria. Surprisingly, the bacteria was dead at areas where the mold grew. The mold was a fungus named Penicillium. With the help of chemists, Fleming continued his studies regarding Penicillium and later on transformed it to the famous drug Penicillin. At 1944 (World War II), Penicillin was high demanded at the drug market. Due to its ability to fight bacterial infections while keeping the host safe, many people took it as personal medication. Big bulked orders are supplied to the soldiers during wartime.