The Nice Things About Working In An Office

When I tell people that I work as an office clerk, most of the time they just look at me and go “oh, that’s nice!” and change the subject. There is a big stigma against working in an office; they assume that I probably hate my job and therefore don’t want to talk about it too much! And to be fair, there definitely are days I’d rather not come into work! But on the other side, there are many days where I can’t wait to get to work and see what everyone is up to. Here are some reasons that I do love my office.

  1. Get To Meet All Kinds of People

There are so many different types of people that work in the office I work in. For confidentiality, I can’t actually tell you the exact office I work in, but needless to say, there is a broad variety of people! I’ve met people from Europe who are here to learn about the international branch of the business, I’ve met people from Asia who have gotten great IT jobs here… And I’ve met college students doing internships, and parents who live right down the block. Working at my job gives me a new perspective on life!

  1. Get To All Kinds of Skills in Action

the-nice-things-about-working-in-an-office-1This applies both to office-related skills and random life skills. I’ve met people who can work real magic with computers; they can do things that look like hackers from movies. I’ve learned how to troubleshoot many issues with my own computer in the process! I’ve also learned a bit of saxophone; one temp played here for fun sometimes; I learned later that he got his sax from Wind Plays, so I got one from there too! Learning to play that instrument is something I never otherwise would have learned… it’s just one other great thing about working at the office!

  1. Get Exposure to Other Cultural Backgrounds

This goes hand in hand with the first point, but in a different direction! I’ve had real Chinese food… it’s nothing like what Americans think of as Chinese! It’s totally different, and you should give it a try! We’ve had real chai tea from India, and I’ve heard a lot about different religions from around the world. I love working here because I’ve learned a ton about how different cultures really work. It gives me a much better working understanding of how different people think. I think it gives me more sympathy for people’s opinions; understanding why people think what they think makes you understand more about people’s general and makes you a better person.

I love my office. After I got my alto saxophone my music skills have improved, I know more about other foods, and I’ve made friends from all over the world. So when someone tells you they work at an office, they might know more about life in general than you might think!

My 10 Surefire Tips for De-Cluttering Your Workspace

my-10-surefire-tips-for-de-cluttering-your-workspaceClutter can have a significant impact on the way you work. For several years of working as office clerk, I surely know how important an organized office can benefit your performance.

Having a disorganized workspace can compete with your attention, lose your concentration, and ultimately making it hard to work. Through the years, I have developed some de-cluttering tips that help me get my desk organized all the time.

Allow me to share with you my 10 tips for a better workspace.

  1. Re-evaluate your stuff

Most of the time, we keep too much unnecessary stuff in our workspace. Every now and then, try to re-evaluate your belongings to see which ones are outdated or out of purpose or redundant. Something that you haven’t used for a year, won’t likely be needed and better be stored somewhere else. You can probably place another storage box or a pallet collar like this at the back office.

  1. Enlarge your workspace

If you have lots of really important belongings that won’t fit on your current desk, the next best solution is to enlarge your space. If you don’t have the liberty to expand your floor area, you can always go vertical to maximize your limited space.

  1. Create more storage space

Aside from the traditional shelves, you can also create additional storage spaces. As mentioned above, a good pallet collar would be a good storage solution especially for bulky stuff. You can also use pegboard for hiding wires or devices, and also magnets to mount supplies and papers.

  1. De-clutter gradually

Cleaning up the mess in your workspace can be overwhelming especially when doing it on a single day. It is best to start from scratch and little by little organize your stuff. In week’s time, you’ll be surprised at the amount of de-cluttering you’ve accomplished.

  1. Organize the cables

The perennial eyesore in any office is the octopus of wires and cables that run on top of the desk and behind the computer screen. A simple trick you can do is to put all the cable wires on a cable box or rain gutters.

  1. Identify the trouble spots

It’s quite difficult to objectively identify how cluttered your workspace is because you have become used to and immune to the clutter. I would suggest taking a few photos of your workspace to have a different perspective and see your clutter trouble spots.

  1. Organize for efficiency

Arrange your office stuff in a way that it promotes efficiency at work. Organize desk drawers by importance. Stuff that is most commonly used should be kept accessible while those that rarely used should be put away. A good left-to-right workflow can facilitate things. This means works are received on the left, processed in the middle, and released on the right. This way you get a more efficient office with less chances of clutter.

  1. Clean as you go

Expect your workspace to be in complete disarray at the end of the day. That’s perfectly okay! It only means that you’ve done your tasks. The next best thing for you to do is to clean off your desk at closing, before you go. It would only take you 5 to 10 minutes to clean your desk and get it ready for the next day!

  1. Dedicate a space for everything

Clutter is always of our own making. When office stuff is unorganized, we tend to run on everything when we’re looking for something. As a result, our workspace becomes overly cluttered. To avoid this, you simply need to put things in their right places. This way, it would be easier for you to look for stuff should you need to use it.

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist

While being organized is good, spending too much time on organization is a waste of time. Don’t let it get excessive and learn to know what’s good enough. You can’t get things perfect in one sitting. Always remember that your top priority is to be productive. So, if you’re spending hours organizing your workspace, you might miss out on the most important tasks at hand.