Easy but Effective Money-Saving Tips

Easy but Effective Money-Saving TipsHaving money saved in the bank gives you confidence and financial safety. A good credit history makes it easy whenever you are in need of finances. Contrary to what many think, it is not necessary to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle to have a good bank balance.

Budgeting need not be an excruciating experience where you put up several spreadsheets and plan the best strategy to save money. I don’t think it is easy to spend so much energy on the budgeting. All you need to do is take care of certain things, which do not need much effort on your part at all. Here are some excellent tips that will help you started on the right direction in saving.

Online shopping saves money

If you are partial to buying goods at discounted rates, and hate making the frequent trips to your grocery store, online shopping can help you save money and effort. You can choose the items that you need every month such as soap, detergent, toilet paper etc. and set up free shipments that are delivered on a regular basis. And a bonus here is you will find many of the items come with discounted rates, especially when bought in bulk.

Save loose change

Coins too carry value, which most of us conveniently forget. If you have coins in your purse or wallet, you will spend them easily or worse loose them in your couch cushions or in your car seat. Whenever you have excess coins, make it a habit to save them in a jar. This will prevent all the frivolous spending urges you get.

When the coins add up to a healthy amount, you can deposit them in your bank adding to your savings! I’ve used this tactic and saved a lot. In a matter of a few months, I saved enough to have an LED bar, which I bought at this site, attached to my car. I had been thinking of buying the extra lighting ever since I heard about it from my friend. Now I can ride safely at night without the annoying glare of oncoming vehicles.

Earn smartly

When you are ready to put in time and effort, you should confidently ask for an increase in pay. Although it may be a risk, if it works out in your favor, you will earn more for the same job you had been doing.

But before you barge in with your request, make sure you have a good strategy planned in advance. Show how your work has helped the company and how you have completed your responsibilities and expectations more than the expected level.


The best way to increase your savings, instead of debts is to ask for auto deposit of paychecks by your employer. You can set up transfer of the amount to your savings automatically this way. This will prevent spending the money on frivolous and unwanted things.

To save money, you can also opt for a simple and convenient side job that does not take up much of your free time. Online surveys, being a brand ambassador or a mystery shopper are some of the jobs that do not require much of your time and provide money nevertheless.