Extra Income for College Studs

Extra Income for College Studs-I bet every college student wants to earn extra bucks. You probably need to spend on a date, some extra food, a movie, an outdoor trip, or maybe a school requirement. Whether you‘re a student or knows one, this post can help you get started making extra money!

Earn from your hobbies and skills

You can actually earn while enjoying your hobbies and skills. If you an artistic person, you can try your hand making artworks and sell them online. If you are a writer, you can help other students with their papers or also find freelance writing jobs through the internet. If your hobby is gardening, you can try growing indoor plants and sell them at a local nursery. But if you choose plant growing, just be sure control your costs especially that you have to spend on a few things like buying an LED grow light from online review site like Plantozoid, fertilizers and other gardening stuff.

Babysit or daycare on weekends or your free time

Instead of wasting your free time, why not babysit? Babysitting can be a lucrative way to earn some few dollars. Some may think that it’s for young teens, but parents would actually love someone more responsible to take care of their young tots. Aside from earning, you also get to learn how to deal with kids – not a bad thing, especially if you’re planning to raise your own kids.

Sell unused gadgets

If you have recently upgraded your gadgets, like laptop, tablet or phone, you can sell of the old ones. And even if they are not working, don’t throw them just yet. There are some junkshops that buy old gadgets and scavenge them – of course, don’t expect much.

Data entry jobs online

If you have high tolerance for boredom, then you can apply for data entry jobs. There are several freelancing sites where you can have access to various data entry projects. Some of the most common tasks include copy-and-paste tasks, upgrading software, moving one system to another, sending multiple email newsletters, and many more. Yes these jobs are boring but it’s another great job that will fit into any college student’s schedule.

Be a survey sample or website test-user

Instead of wasting your time browsing the internet, you can get paid for answering survey questions, testing out new websites, giving feedback on user interfaces, and other sort of work needed by web developers to improve their online presence. But aside from being an online survey sample, you can also take part in off-line surveys. Being a test sample, however, would entail requirements that you have to meet first.

Sell your old stuff

Perhaps the simplest way to earn a few extra bucks is to sell off your old stuff – clothes, jewelry, books, etc. What you may find as old and useless may actually be another man’s treasure. For instance, your fellow college student may put to good use an old textbook. Selling it to them at a low price is certainly most welcome!

You see, there are many opportunities to earn money while in college. Your extra work doesn’t even have to affect your study schedule. Take some time browsing the internet and you’ll be surprised to find more!